Prince George of Cambridge

Prince George of Cambridge is a member of the royal family.

He is the eldest son of Prince William of Cambridge of Princess Catherine of Cambridge. He’s widely known as one of the cutest 5-year olds in the world. Whenever he makes an appearance, he automatically steals the show. He has two younger siblings in Prince Louise of Cambridge and Princess Charlotte of Cambridge. When he met former US President Barack Obama, the outfit he wore had great Porn Fidelity Discount sales. Yes, he’s just a kid but he endorses clothes already. You’d definitely wish your kid would be like him.


Prince George recently celebrated his 5th birthday in style. While most kids would celebrate at a playing ground, a fast food restaurant or the park, George is no ordinary kid. Yes, he celebrated his birthday with his family on a secluded island. Of course, the paparazzi tried to stalk the royal family. Good thing, they were unsuccessful as the royal family refused to reveal their whereabouts. Nobody likes being stalked so as the family wanted to celebrate in style. What a smart Porn Discounts move that was and even if that happened, Prince Harry didn’t forget to thank the family’s fans. He thanked them all for their birthday greetings in a statement released by the family’s publicist. Besides, it’s a momentous occasion that only happens once in a lifetime.

value investing challengeThe royal family’s kids rarely make an appearance and you can’t blame their parents for that.

Besides, when they come out, a lot of photographers will immediately snap photos of them. Of course, no parent would want their kid to become the center of attention. They’d rather have him focus on his studies. Right now, Prince George is currently studying at Westacre Montessori Nursery which is just a couple of blocks from their home. At school, his classmates and teachers recognize his royalty as he’s known there as George Cambridge. Due to his family’s stature, you can’t expect bullies to come up to him. They’ll definitely be intimidated by who he is. After all, he’s a future king who will probably do the things his parents are currently doing.

Even if its inevitable, Prince William and Princess Kate have yet to tell George that he will one day become a king. That’s definitely a great decision because they want him to live a normal life. Since he’s still very young, they don’t want him to think about his future yet. They want him to finish his Brazzers discount studies first and that’s a long way from happening. Imagine if you tell him that now and he’ll think about all the things he can do as a king. There’s no telling what’s going to happen so it’s definitely better not to tell him yet. However, they won’t be able to stop his classmates from telling him. If that happens, George will go to his parents and ask if that’s true. It would then be up to them if they’ll tell him the truth or tell a different side of the story that will end up making him very happy.